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Hi I'm Ceri the Creative Director behind the Sustainable Design Studio ........ T A L E S  O F  T E X T U R E .

I am an Interior Decorator, Designer, Stylist and Homewares Artisan, my design concepts and projects are strongly rooted in Sustainability with Biophilic Design principles. I love to implement natural, organic materials provided to us by our surrounding environment, as well as vintage and artisan pieces to inject that individual, personal touch to your home.

I have always had a great passion for interiors, alongside travel, food and fashion, all of which I take inspiration from when creating a space to be loved and fully enjoyed by you, my client.

I wish to bring pockets of creativity and joy into your home with the designs we create together, as well as my carefully curated homewares collection. Made from eco-resins, natural dyes and sustainable and recycyled materials, the homewares collection is a small passion project in which I took great pleasure from when we, as a community and the world found ourselves in difficult circumstances a short time ago. So to discover something completely new and exciting at this time was a dream, and I wanted to share my passion for these products and materials by creating these exclusive collections. Have a little browse through over on my Etsy or Facebook page and discover more about the materials and process through the product info pages!!

I believe good design should be available to everyone and with my flexible, affordable and approachable online design packages this is what I hope to achieve.

When your at home you should feel inspired, comforted and relaxed, and it would truly be my pleasure to help you achieve this within your space.



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Ceri x

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Curated Homewares Collection:

We at T A L E S  O F  T E X T U R E  offer a small, carefully curated homewares collection for those final touches that make your house a home. All products are lovingly handmade by our designer Ceri and are all purposed using recycled, eco and sustainable materials.

Take a closer look at the collection and fall in love with some decorative finishing pieces for your home. For custom orders just drop us an email with your requirements and we'll get straight back in touch with you!

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Fully Inclusive Online Design Packages:

We offer all design services through our online platform making the process super simple, straight forward and affordable. By offering services in this way allows us to work together no matter where you are in the world and EVERYTHING will be sent to you directly to your inbox with full visuals, instructions, tips and tricks and a clickable shopping list.

So all you have to do is click, shop, install and sit back and enjoy your new, personally and professionally designed space that can be cherished and loved forever!

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Sustainable and Biophilic Design Principles:

Here at T A L E S  O F  T E X T U R E  we whole heartedly believe in our own health and wellness as well as the planets, so by implementing concepts and designs that promote the health of both us and our surroundings we aim to create balance and peace, without being harmful and wasteful towards our natural resources.

Biophilic Design supports our innate connection to the natural world and implements these principles into our living spaces, promoting increased connectivity, wellness, concentration and positive outlook.


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