Lets Talk All Things Green....

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Here at  T A L E S  O F  T E X T U R E  we want people to love and cherish their home and surroundings in order to feel comfortable, safe and inspired, as well as to abolish unnecessary waste and balance human activity with the natural world and it's resources. Lets begin to have a positive effect not a negative one!

Biophilic and Sustainable design drives our creative thinking and professional (as well as personal) decisions here at the                T A L E S  O F  T E X T U R E  Studio. So that includes everything from our studio practises, the way in which we design, to the product options and materials chosen. We want your design and home to see it through into the future with a natural and mindful approach and finish, for you to treasure forever as well as having a neutral or even better a positive effect on the natural world.

Our aim @ the studio is always to implement an interior that is unique to you filled with character and visual stimulation alongside a mix of finishes, fabrics and textures. For us here at  T A L E S  O F  T E X T U R E  texture and finishes are what brings a design to life, they make it sing, they make it sumptuous and unique. No matter if an interior is tonal with variations of one colour or shade being introduced, if there is texture then there is excitement! Your space will feel welcoming, timeless yet modern and harmonious. An interior with a variety of textures comes alive with a tactile warmth and depth of character.

This is where Biophilia comes in ...... Biophilic Design is the introduction of natural elements and textures into the built environment that we live and work in, creating connective and restorative spaces that we can enjoy and benefit from forever. Do you want your home to feel calming, relaxing, inviting and invigorating as well as have a positive impact on you, your family and the natural world around you, with Biophilic Design we can achieve just that!

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Biophilic Elements Within a Work or Living Space:

These have been proven to increase productivity (incredibly important in that home office space!!) as well as improved health, mood and feeling of well-being. It can also reduce fatique and stress levels whilst promoting mental restoration, all incredibly important in todays busy hectic world.

To have a space to come home to that can promote such benefits is key and can be easily achieved on any budget!

How and What Biophilic Elements Do We Implement?

So think living walls, increased natural daylight where possible, responsibly sourced natural elements, textures and materials such as wood, wool, jute, cotton, linen, natural stone and cork to name but a few. All of these elements can help promote that connection to nature and make your home or work place the most wonderful space to live, work, rest and play in!

Even the introduction of a house plant or 3 (!) is proven to clean the air you breathe within your space and promote that all important connection to nature that we all crave so much.

Interior Styling, Natural Textures, Wood
Interior Design Styling, Interior Textures, Interior Mood Board, Wood, Terrazo, Textured Paint

Lets Talk Recycling, Re-using and Reducing:

We here @ the studio have a penchant for vintage and reclaimed furniture, fixtures and fittings. Implementing these into a design creates a truly unique space filled with character, individualism and excellent craftsmanship.

Do you have a vintage piece that may need a little re-vamp or your in search of that perfect place for it then we will implement and restyle, or we will source that perfect piece for your space. injecting such pieces is a great way to elevate your home and create a bespoke finish as well as reusing fabulously designed and built pieces!

We are also always on the hunt for pieces lovingly made locally or made from renewable, recyclable or reclaimed materials. Sourcing products, fixtures and fittings from independant retailers that are sustainably and responsibly crafted supports small local artisan businesses. This reduces our carbon foot print and creates a space that is reflective of sustainable values and offers the most beautiful, distinctive aesthetic.

(**Service available dependant upon client location, please discuss directly with your designer within you consultation period.)


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